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The  Empreende UFSC-SEBRAE Project has developed a booklet with the main concepts and definitions on entrepreneurship, innovation, intellectual property and patent.


The Intellectual Property Guide developed by the Prorectorate for Research Department of Technological Innovation is intended to guide the academic community in the procedures for protection of results from projects developed at UFSC. The guide provides the definition of terms related to Intellectual Property, such as invention patent and utility model, industrial design, trademark and computer program, and gives instructions on how to request the protection from UFSC.


This handbook aims to inform the academic community on the correct procedures for requesting protection to intellectual property produced at UFSC.


The above handbooks provide educational content on topics related to Intellectual Property directed to students, teachers, journalists and entrepreneurs. The content was produced by the Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL) in partnership with the National Industrial Apprenticeship Service (SENAI) and the National Institute for Industrial Property (INPI).


The Handbook of Policies for Industrial Property of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation aims to bring the intellectual property policies of funding institutions for science, technology and innovation into harmony.